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Protecting SPC Partners from Malicious Account

Dear SPC Global Partners,

In order to maintain the healthy development of the global SPC market, the Marketing Department of the Foundation specifically informs the global SPC community that the Foundation is committed to managing and supervising of the market. In the process of market development, if an ID number that maliciously interferes with the market is found, we have the right to freeze the malicious ID number to protect the interests of all investors. All SPC partners please abide by the rules and do not cause unnecessary losses due to violation of the rules.

Asia Capital Strategy Fund
(SPC Foundation)



鉴于为维护好全球SPC通证市场健康发展,基金会市场部特向全球各SPC社区通知,基金会努力管理和监督市场健康动态。在市场发展期间如发现恶意扰乱市场等行为的ID号,基金会为保护所有正常行为的投资者利益, 基金会有权冻结此恶意ID号钱包。请所有投资伙伴遵守别因为违反规则造成不必要的损失。