LATEST NEWS in December 2022

SPC New Annoucement

Dear global SPC communities and partners:

Good Day.

Since the launch of SPC trading and market development on March 28, according to the current situation of market development, in order to further accelerate the steady development of the market, the board of directors of SPC decided to optimise the trading rules for the global market. The new rules will go live on January 1, 2023.

The new rules are as follows:

1. The price of SPC will start from 0.5U/piece on January 1, 2023, and will rise steadily every day, and the price will reach 1U/piece in the first half year (that is, 180 days);

2. 30% of the amount of SPC will be deducted when the APP wallet is transferred to the exchange;

3. Exchange transactions: the seller pays 30% of the total price of the SPC transaction on the exchange, and the buyer does not need to pay;

4. The buyer who purchases on the exchange will receive 40% of the total SPC purchased as an SPC reward. The APP wallet address and transaction records need to be provided to company. Please email [email protected]

5. Please strictly abide by the SPC trading rules and do not trade SPC across communities for any personal reasons, if found, the company will freeze the accounts of both buyers and sellers, and you will be responsible for all consequences.

In the new year, the grand debut of innovative trading rules will surely attract more people with lofty ideals from all over the world to join, and will certainly create higher value and faster growth of SPC. Here, all members of the SPC market headquarters of the fund company are willing to work together and cheer together with all partners who have obtained SPC!

Asia Capital Strategy,
December 23, 2022









四、买方在交易所购买将获得购买SPC总数的40%SPC奖励。需向基金公司提供APP钱包地址和交易记录。请发到[email protected]邮箱。