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Strategic Asset Allocation

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Based on an in-depth analysis of factors such as macroeconomic cycle, valuation level, policy orientation, and market sentiment to determine the investment ratio of stocks, bonds, money market instruments, and other financial instruments in the portfolio.

Private Equity Investment Strategies

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Fund managers through the scientific and complete quantitative stock selection system to explore the value of stock investment and build stock portfolios, and strict discipline in accordance with the laws of generality to guide investment, to the greatest degree.

Bond Investment Strategies

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Through the analysis of market interest rate trends, changes in the credit environment, and other factors, a comprehensive use of strategies such as duration management, yield curve strategy, and coupon selection strategy, through the different bond yield levels, credit risk, liquidity and other factors.

Stock Index Futures

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According to the principle of risk management, with hedging as a goal, adopt a futures contract with good liquidity and active trading, through the study of the trend of the securities market and futures market, combined with the pricing model.

Mortgage-Backed Securities Strategy

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Through prudent investment in asset-backed securities market interest rates, issuance terms, composition and quality of supporting assets, early repayment rates, risk compensation income and market liquidity, combined with relevant quantitative pricing models.

analysis and investment strategy

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Based on value analysis, based on quantitative model analysis of its reasonable pricing, choose an option contract with good liquidity and active trading to invest, combine the warrant pricing model to seek a reasonable valuation level, and actively use different combinations between stocks and warrants to take risk-free gains.

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