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We believe that intellectual capital is
critical to providing innovative solutions.

ASIA CAPITAL STRATEGY is a leading international financial center of the Cayman Islands Golden Council certification, a formal financial institution that holding a legitimate fund license, is committed to promoting the development of venture capital funds, also specializing in corporate bond issuance market strategy, and promote long-term value investment philosophy.


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We provide creative financing & flexible in the form of near equity capital

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ASIA CAPITAL STRATEGY operates for 20 years, and the public fund assets management scale exceeds USD 10 trillion. Over one hundred fund management institutions have focused on guidance. Fund support will provide the necessary funds and policy support for the development of projects in the docking of the developing companies, expansion of the layout and other aspects.

Capital to Work Make Company Greater

Business Solution

Strategic Asset Allocation

Expert Consultancy Services

Based on an in-depth analysis of factors such as macroeconomic cycle, valuation level, policy orientation, and market sentiment to determine the investment ratio of stocks, bonds, money market instruments, and other financial instruments in the portfolio.

Private Equity Investment Strategies

Expert Consultancy Services

Fund managers through the scientific and complete quantitative stock selection system to explore the value of stock investment and build stock portfolios, and strict discipline in accordance with the laws of generality to guide investment, to the greatest degree.

Bond Investment Strategies

Expert Consultancy Services

Through the analysis of market interest rate trends, changes in the credit environment, and other factors, a comprehensive use of strategies such as duration management, yield curve strategy, and coupon selection strategy, through the different bond yield levels, credit risk, liquidity and other factors.

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Be Kingdom Builders, not just Wealth Builders

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We make a difference by applying many years of experience with proven knowledge!

ASIA CAPITAL STRATEGY has preferred counterparties and has joined forces with capital companies. From a global perspective, we provide investors with the most valuable investment products. The main investment areas include stocks, bonds, assets, etc., through creditor's rights transfer, private equity funds, trusts, asset management, asset securitization, mergers and acquisitions funds. We are consistently increasing products and other types of the financial product line.
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Investment Team

ASIA CAPITAL STRATEGY has an asset base of up to US$30 billion. The investment team is based in various Asian markets and has extensive expertise so that it can grasp various investment opportunities and flexibly build innovative financing solutions covering the entire investment field to creating extraordinary value for investors and the companies.

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