The beginning of a new age of high-value transactions

Asia Capital Strategy Fund has introduced its unique investment product Agarwood NFT in an effort to grow its business and satisfy consumer demand. This effort will provide investors a completely new investing experience and produce significant value over time. Asia Capital Strategy Fund  will only issue 10,000 agarwood NFTs under this strategy, each of which represents a genuine agarwood tree resource.

Unique Investment Experience

Agarwood NFT

Each Agarwood NFT has distinct characteristics and identities and is a digital asset built on blockchain technology. Investors will acquire the equivalent actual resource of the agarwood trees by buying the agarwood NFT. Asia Capital Strategy Fund carefully chooses and manages these resources to guarantee their calibre and potential worth.

Asia Capital Strategy Fund will be able to grow traffic through the issue and promotion of Agarwood NFT thanks to the SPC Token influence and community. The SPC Token, an exclusive token created by Asia Capital Strategy Fund, has excelled in the blockchain and metaverse industries. We will attract more investors and NFT aficionados by promoting Agarwood NFT in the SPC community, laying a strong platform for the successful issuing of Agarwood NFT.

Listing on exchanges in the future

Recognise high worth

Asia Capital’s long-term goal is to expand the market for Agarwood NFT and work towards its listing on well-known trading exchanges like the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.
As blockchain technology and the NFT business continue to advance, NFTs are becoming more and more prominent because of their potential worth.
The promise of NFT comes from the fact that Agarwood NFT will be a well-liked option for investors seeking high profits because it is a rare digital commodity with cultural significance.

Together we create the future

Invest in high worth agarwood NFT

Agarwood NFT will be extensively promoted by Asia Capital in an effort to increase opportunities and value for investors through this special investment product. We think that NFT will provide investors more diversified investment options and worthwhile investment returns as a new investment category.

Asia Capital Strategy Fund will collaborate with investors to investigate the NFT market’s limitless opportunities and usher in a new age of high-value investing.